7 – Misplaced Portraits: Roller Derby #7 – Misty’s Bouffant

Misty (Karen, but I’ve always called her by her derby name, Misty Meanor) was the founder of South Sea Roller Derby, the league where I am not only the official photographer, but the league from where I met my wife.

When I decided on the theme for Misty’s shoot she was all in. I just needed a place in which to shoot it. This is where Jessica comes in. Jessica is a client of my wedding photography business. She is the middle child of three girls (I am just waiting for the third sister to get engaged so I can complete the set having first photographed her older sister Nadia’s wedding) and a truly gorgeous person!

Jessica is the owner of Moosh, a fabulous hair salon (89 Waverley Rd, Malvern East VIC 3145) and when I approached Jessica about shooting there, she was all for it, even opening up after hours especially for the shoot.

We had a great time during the session which was helped by Jessica being so accommodating and a great part of the final result herself. The champagne was opened specifically for us and between you and me, I’m pretty sure Misty was disappointed we got the final shot before she could have a second glass.

The resulting photo is one of my favourites so far! The look on Misty’s face, the lighting, Jessica playing her role and the juxtaposition of modern hair salon and grungy derby gear is just perfect!

As always I ask my participants to share some thoughts on their involvement in the Misplaced Portraits Project:

Never one to shy away from a photo shoot, I was super keen to be involved when I heard of Richards “Misplaced Portraits” concept and was excited to find out what he had planned for my shoot.

I’m not sure what I enjoyed more; dolling up in my vintage Dolly Rogers gear or watch the double takes from those walking past the salon in Malvern East.

Thanks Misty for being a great participant (and I hope you love your portrait)! 

Thanks also to Jessica from Moosh for the loan of your salon (and your good self)!

Miranda (from the first photo in the series and from the being married to me bit too) was there to grab her usual awesome behind the scenes photos as featured in this short video below!