6 – Misplaced Portraits: Roller Derby #6 – Bec’s Bridal Portrait

Bec has been involved in Roller Derby for more years than she probably cares to mention and was an eager participant in the Misplaced Portraits Project. Bec skates with the Dragon City Roller Derby league in Bendigo Victoria and we managed to time this shoot when she was down Melbourne way before a bout.

We know that the perfect time for photography is an overcast day towards the end of the day. This day had no clouds and was at midday.

But Bec frocked up in her actual wedding dress and did a great job manoeuvring in her skates on the grass.

As always I ask my participants to share some thoughts on their involvement in the Misplaced Portraits Project:

Living 2 hours out of Melbourne meant that catching up with Richard to do this shoot was always going to be tricky, but luckily the planets aligned and I would be travelling through his area with all my skate gear on my way to a game, so the next step was to dig out my wedding dress from it’s home on the floor of my wardrobe where it had been living since our special day, nearly 3 years before.

The shoot was super fun and Richard’s ability to make some green space wedged between a freeway sound barrier and a sports venues carpark look like a luscious field worthy of a bridal shoot has amazed me. His ability to help me relax into the poses, despite the stares from a bus full of teenage netballers is a testament to his skill at gaining his models trust and focus.

I am so happy to have been able to be a part of this project.

I presented Bec with her portrait at the next time we were in the same postcode! The Rebellion tournament in November.

Thanks Bec for being a great participant and I hope you love your portrait! 

Miranda (from the first photo in the series and from the being married to me bit too) was there to grab her usual awesome behind the scenes photos.

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  • Linda Fisher

    May 28, 2019

    Love these fantastic photos…they are perfect!!! RazorMum 🙂