5 – Misplaced Portraits: Roller Derby #5 – Kylie’s Family Portrait

Kylie's Family Portrait

Kylie (“Mary Extreme” from South Sea Roller Derby) has a husband and four kids who are as much part of the league as she is. When Kylie wanted to be a part of the Misplaced Portraits Project, I had my photo for her pretty much planned immediately. I needed her family and I needed her family to have a daggy family portrait.

I think it took more time to prepare the room than it did to get this portrait. Don’t get me wrong, this is a great thing!

Playing the role of daggy family photographer is my wife, Miranda. If you are interested in getting non-daggy family photos (and I’m already booked for the day), then you must get in touch with Miranda. She does good work. 

I was actually torn between two photos for this session. In the end, the side-eye from the eldest son won it over for me. 

Kylie & her Misplaced Portraits Project Print!As always I ask my participants to share some thoughts on their involvement in the Misplaced Portraits Project:

When I first heard that Richard was doing this project, my first response was my family mainly my children would be great for this. Richard had other ideas which included myself and my family.

Richard made us feel at ease, I’m not one for photos but I had so much fun and so did the rest of the family.

Thanks Kylie for being a great participant and I hope you love your portrait!