4 – Misplaced Portraits: Roller Derby #4 – Lyndal Crochets

Lyndal Crochets in her Derby Uniform

Lyndal Crochets


When putting out the call for participants for the Misplaced Portraits Project I was beyond thrilled at the response. However, scanning through the list I noticed a particular person was missing. I had a portrait in mind for my friend Lyndal (“Moody” from South Sea Roller Derby) who is a maestro with wool and a crochet hook, so I decided to approach her and ask her to take part.

A conversation with Lyndal

A conversation with Lyndal

Thankfully she did not require much convincing!

On the night of the portrait session (the third in three days!) we were warmly welcomed into Lyndal’s home (and she will hate me for reminding her that a beverage was not offered at any stage!) and I promptly got to work moving all of her deck furniture. A saying you here from me a lot is “photography is 15% talent and 85% moving furniture”.

I had this portrait in mind from before we even got there and I it didn’t take long to get it just right. Her willingness to follow directions and put on the attitude required made the job very easy. I really didn’t need all the variations I photographed, but who knew that at the time hey?

I wanted to try a different portrait as a backup or “safety” shot in case I found something wrong with the original. I had Lyndal stand up and lit her with two ICE light and a hair/helmet-light flash. Although we got some fabulous headshots (again thanks to Lyndal, a self professed “model” now), the selected shot won the day.

As my wife was driving, I took advantage of the time available and had uploaded the photographs to my laptop, culled and edited the selected portrait before we made it home.

Lyndal and her participation print

Lyndal and her participation print

As always I ask my participants to share some thoughts on their involvement in the Misplaced Portraits Project.

When I first heard about the Misplaced Portraits project I was super keen to be involved then I saw all of the other interested skaters and the little voice in my head convinced me to chicken out. I am so happy that Richard had a specific idea for my portrait and contacted me directly to be involved.

I felt pretty silly sat on my back deck in full derby gear (crocheting with wrist guards on is not easy, let me tell you!!) but Richard and his fabulous assistants (aka his wife and their toddler) made the whole process very comfortable and we had lots of fun.

Richard’s passion for photography was evident from the outset. His joy at capturing the “perfect” shot was infectious. I’m so happy that I ignored the little voice in my head and had a go at being a model. I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and ended up with an image that I will treasure forever!

Thanks Moody for being a great participant and I hope you love your portrait!