3 – Misplaced Portraits: Roller Derby #3 – Maz Relaxes


#3 - Maz Relaxes

When Maz agreed to be a part of the Misplaced Portraits Project, I knew I wanted to photograph her in a bath. And I knew it had to be the bath at my home because I knew she wouldn’t fit! Maz (from South Sea Roller Derby) stepped up and said she’d do it. 

I’m enjoying the chance to take my time to work a portrait rather than the “must get as quickly as possible and move on” world of weddings.

After photographing Maz in the bath from many angles, including being in the bath with her (not as creepy as it sounds I promise) she hopped in the shower and we tried a few ideas there. 

Take a look at the video below to see more photos from the shoot.

Maz and her print

I’m a big fan of the absurd, so I was excited to be part of the Misplaced Portraits project! I loved the novelty of taking a bath (I don’t have one where I live), and surprisingly, bathing in full derby gear was actually quite comfortable! Getting out of the bath did prove to be tricky but I wasn’t concerned, after all I was in full safety gear!

Thanks for being a part of the Misplaced Portraits Project Maz!

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  • Leona

    May 24, 2018

    Great shots Marion. Beautiful person inside and out – now squeaky clean 🙂